Sunday, April 8, 2012

Acer Aspire 5755G - 03 - Dualboot with Gentoo and Windows 7

I've decided to go for a dualboot system with Gentoo and Windows 7.
The main problem was to shrink the Windows partition, because the silly swap file is exatly in the middle of it.

I went the radical way and did the following:
  • Created the Recovery DVDs with the Acer Tools
  • Wiped the whole HDD with Gentoo Live DVD and fdisk
  • Booted into the Windows Recovery DVDs
  • Set the new size of the Windows Partition during install

I have a 1TB HDD in my Acer Aspire.
My partitiontable looked like this after the Windows reinstall: Partition 1: 15GB: Acer Stuff, Recovery, Drivers Partition 2: 100MB: Windows Boot and RecoveryPartition Partition 3: 300GB: Windows 7 Partition 4: ~700GB: free space

I also wanted a partition to share files between Gentoo and Windows, but wasn't sure about the filesystem.

I've created a NTFS partition after the install of Gentoo. The Linux NTFS support is pretty good and I won't have to fight with FAT limits.

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